R.E.S.T. is proven to:

Decrease stress hormones
Increase endorphins; fostering a sense of wellbeing
Relieve arthritis and chronic pain conditions
Enhance the immune system
Reduce muscular tension and blood lactate quickly
Lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate Improve digestion and facilitate weight loss
Diminish depression and addictive habits
Produce alpha or theta brainwaves; enhancing insight and meditation
Balance brain hemispheres; inspiring creativity and problem solving abilities.

Although a single R.E.S.T. session is beneficial, research reveals the advantage of multiple floats; the benefits are cumulative, long lasting and positively life changing.

Reflections on R.E.S.T. …

“Coming out of the room I had a clear understanding of why some people call floating “rebirthing.” I felt alive and new. The world was a beautiful place."

-Terri Croteau, U of A student

 “I’m a restless sleeper, but I slept soundly every night for a week after my first float!” 

“R.E.S.T. is as relaxing as any massage I’ve ever received!”     

“There are so many wonderful things to say about my time at Still Waters… my whole experience left me feeling nurtured and pampered.     
-Lisa Orwick D.C. Natural Life Chiropractic

 “I’m calmer, energetic and gratefully, I’m more patient with my kids”  

“It was great fun to be so buoyant.  The music that began the float was soothing but the silence that followed was deeply satisfying.  Eventually my rambling mind settled to a quiet rumble and the stillness held me in a peaceful field of serenity.    


“I came in using crutches because of a severe sprained ankle. The next morning I did not need the crutches and I was able to return to work. I’ve never healed from this type of injury so fast in my life!  I’ve been telling everyone about this miracle!”   
-Jan Allen

“I thought my float experience was wonderful…Your facility is clean and has a relaxing feeling to it and that made it more enjoyable.”       

“I have arthritis and have taken pain meds for 20 years, after floating the first time I was pain free for four days!”