Welcome and thank you for your interest in R.E.S.T. (reduced environmental stimulus therapy). We feel floating augments all forms of self care and appreciate your willingness to consider the potential offered here. This orientation includes information most people want to know. We are confident it will empower you and enhance your float explorations.

Still Waters float spa was created to ensure complete comfort for the floater. The float spa looks similar to a sauna with rustic cedar paneling covering insulated walls. The spacious spa base is 8 x 4 ft. and the room is tall enough so you can enter or exit the float spa standing. The float room is designed so that it is not airtight; an air circulation system brings fresh air in. Soft lights and music are available at your fingertips while in R.E.S.T. In the float spa there are 750lbs of Epsom salts dissolved into ten inches of water. When you lie back in this mineral bath you will float as easily as a cork. Your whole body becomes buoyant and fully supported so you’ll be able to let go and deeply relax. In the R.E.S.T. environment harmony of mind and body will be easily restored within you.

Still Waters provides the amenities you need; bathroom, shower, towels, shampoo, lotion, etc.

Still Waters is located in a private desert setting near the Tucson Mts.

After your session you're welcome to stroll along the meditation trail and enjoy acomplimentary beverage or snack.